Is your child having difficulty reaching age-appropriate milestones?
Is your child struggling with fine motor skills (e.g. printing, playing with small toys, dressing)?
Does your child have difficulty managing sensory inputs like loud noises, crowded places, tight clothing, having their hair brushed, etc?
Does your child struggle in the classroom to pay attention and get their bodies and minds ready to learn?
Does your child have trouble making and maintaining friendships?
Does your child need a specialized piece of equipment prescribed (ie car seat, wheelchair, commode chair, specialty bed)?
Is your child picky? Are mealtimes stressful? Do you have concerns with their eating or drinking skills?
Do you have concerns about early speech and language milestones (e.g. prelinguistic skills)?
Does your child have difficulty communicating? Is their speech difficult to understand?
Sometimes children need a little help to achieve all of the things that they need to do, want to do or are expected to do.
The goal of our services at Little Ones Therapy is to help our kids dream big and achieve their goals. Little Ones provides direct paediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology services to Fredericton and surrounding areas. 

Therapy sessions can be provided in our clinic, client’s homes, at schools/daycares or in the community. Our clinic is equipped with a fully operational sensory integration and mobility-focused gym space. We provide support and learning opportunities for families and children with our experienced clinicians. At Little Ones Therapy Services, we see children from infancy to the age of 18.

We are open for paediatric therapy services and are accepting new clients at this time. We are adhering to a COVID 19 operational plan and can offer in person, or virtual (by phone or by videoconference) therapy appointments. We are able to offer individual follow up with each of our therapists (OT, S-LP) and can provide joint therapy sessions in the areas of feeding/mealtimes, play/development and social skills.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists help children, and their families identify and target challenges in the areas of self care, productivity, and leisure. An OT can help children achieve independence in daily tasks (such as feeding, dressing and mobility) and become more productive students by helping with fine motor and sensory strategies.

What is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help with speech (how sounds are spoken). S-LPs also look at receptive (understanding) and expressive (talking) language. Overall, SLPs are concerned about communication. SLPs can help promote the development of prelinguistic skills, along with assess, and treat, a wide variety of communication difficulties. SLPs are also trained to recognize, assess, and treat difficulties with feeding, eating, drinking, and swallowing.

Our Approach

Our approach is to help families of children with special needs in a timely, productive way as they navigate the public system of therapy services. Little Ones Therapy services will involve coaching caregivers to help their children at all times of the day and to make their days easier.

Little Ones Therapy services are primarily play based. Children learn through play. Having opportunities to play helps children of all abilities develop physical, cognitive, communication, and social skills. Little Ones therapists believe that play is a key activity for children of all ages and abilities.

We see a wide range of children with multiple abilities and complex special needs.

Here's how we can help.

Some of the specific things that can be offered by Little Ones Therapy include helping to identify and help manage challenges in:
Sensory process skills assessment and training
Fine motor skills, including handwriting and motor coordination
Access and use of technology for learning, writing, play and communication.
Early language development
Receptive (understanding) and expressive (talking) language skills; speech and articulation
Participation in self-care routines including dressing, mealtimes and personal care tasks
Mealtime, limited diet, and oral motor skill development
Play and social skills.
Specialized equipment prescription
Advocacy for children with complex needs
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